Sunday, January 3, 2016

Welcome to the Flex 2016 Blog!

Hello everyone!

This blog has been created to support our exploration of technology integration in educational practice, as well as to share some of the work you will be creating in the courses that you will be taking with me throughout the program.

In addition to this blog, I have created a G+ Community for updates and social networking as well as a Program Calendar using the Google suite that is available to us through Pacific's Boxer Apps. These will serve as the core for the Flex Virtual Learning Space [VLS] but our online environment will also continue to grow as we add to it over the next months. Here are the links, and you should note that I have also added these links to the navigation bar on the right side of this blog:
TIP: It is recommended that you get into the habit of logging out of all other email accounts and then logging into Boxer Apps using your PU Net ID in order to avoid problems accessing and using these tools.